Dear VHJR Volunteers and Friends,  

NB: Much has changed since COVID restrictions.  
Other Hancock County Jail advocates now include 
Healthy Acadia.  We also recommend 
Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (MPAC).

Published! NOTES FROM INSIDE, Volume 3:  
The third volume of this series includes original poetry, essays, fiction, letters, and art.   Books are used to encourage writing in the jail, to share with people in the outside community, and as a fundraising project.  As a fundraiser, we ask for a $7 contribution, and they are also available at no charge to jail residents, their families, and anyone who would rather not pay. Contributions go entirely to VHJR program expenses. Please contact us if you would like a copy of Volume 3, and/or Volumes 1 and 2. They are also available at 
Mr. Paperback in Ellsworth.  For more about Notes, please see Our Service where you will find an article from the Ellsworth American about the first volume of Notes from Inside.

Volunteers for Hancock Jail Residents (VHJR), formed in 2001 to provide restorative assistance, friendship, and a feeling of belonging with the jail residents in Ellsworth, meets every month or two at Ellsworth City Hall or another nearby location.  Everyone is very welcome to attend all or part of the meetings. For information:

Library Time for all Jail Residents is held weekly. Yoga for Men with Betsy and Yoga for women have been held weekly. Jim continues with Men's Group, and Judy with Stress-Reduction Techniques.  Jean is our Pre-Release counselor, and Carolyn provides Computer Time and Greeting Card Design. Carla and Karin host art classes. Betsy has an Anger Management class. Anne accompanies "Honor" the Irish Wolfhound (a trained Therapy Dog) to meet with jail residents. (Click the PDF symbol to read: Therapy Dogs: They Serve by 'Being There'.)

MORE Volunteers:
Kath, Salvatore, Stephen, Marcia, Anne, Sandra, Jo Ann, Mary, Hillary, Betsy, Tess, Marcia, Martina, Chandler, Gretchen, Roger, Ron,  Paul, Jim, Jean, Carolyn, Cathy, Carla, Karin, Mary Grace, Kate, Veronica, Andrew, Anne, Nancy, Fred, Matthew, Gray, Linda, Maren, Alicia, George, Linda, Nita, Jane, Beth, Colin, Jeff, Russ, Dan, and other great volunteers have provided group programs and one-to-one visiting/mentoring each week for over five years to multiple jail residents - men and women.

Many people have helped and networked throughout the community for the jail residents in many ways, including Rick, Fran, Kelly, Maryann, Skip, Susan, Mary, Missy, and Kelly.

Library volunteers have included Paul, Andrew, Jane, Martina, Durin, Beth, Russ, Marcia, Tess, Salvatore, Stephen, Jackie, Daniel, Jo Ann, Sandra, Carolyn, Roger, Kath, Matthew, Cathy, Rich, Nancy, Fred, Gretchen, Jeff, Colin, Craig, Kate, Rose Marie, and Jean.

We are particularly grateful to people that helped us get started, and have stayed with us as friends, advisors, and helpers, including Skip Knowlton and Katrina Swanson (both dearly missed now), Daniel, George, Marty, Sylva, Nancy, Fred, Linda, Ronda, Don, and many more.  

In addition to VHJR, there are helpful and kind people in the jail each week, including:

Hancock County Drug Court --  Substance abuse treatment. In-jail treatment 
program in Maine. 

Ellsworth Adult Education -- Adult Ed / GED Prep is currently being handled by two VHJR volunteers.  We hope for the return of regular GED instruction and more tutoring.

Mental Health Counseling -- Through various compassionate agencies.

Continuous professional support comes from our fiscal sponsor, ROSC-Maine, a 501c3 charitable organization.  All contributions to VHJR are tax deductible.


Volunteers for Hancock Jail Residents (VHJR)

VHJR Concert from Nurse Kaya Strings
  Everybody Eats: A Free Community MealEvery Monday, 3-
 St. Dunstan's Church, 134 State, Ellsworth See Video  See Free Meals