Jail Residents' VOICES 

What I liked best about the program today. . .

-- Being able to just listen and speak when I wanted to.
-- Thank you for the creative writing, your concern and kindness.
-- Made connections in my mind and life.
-- Brought back memories.
-- I like learning more.
-- The programs are awesome.
-- Help in everyday situations.
-- We are able to interact and provide our own thoughts.
-- I got to talk and understood what was said.
-- Learning that our own self-esteem can effect our children.
-- The free talk, being able to talk freely.
-- The chance to listen and talk about learning skills.
-- The way you were so nice in explaining things to us.

I'll use the information to . . .

-- Be a better parent
-- Deal with my self-esteem
-- Better prepare myself for my son.
-- Help my future

Biggest concerns. . .

-- Anxiety and stress from separation from my children and wife.
-- I have trouble falling asleep at night but I know I can do better
-- More treatments for drug addiction.
-- Stress from the anger of people in my community
-- I miss my girl and my family and it's constantly on my mind.
-- I can't wait to go home and start the new life I'm learning to live.
-- Need more treatment for drug addiction, not just jail.

Volunteers for Hancock Jail Residents (VHJR)